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Create a Memory in Clay
From $75/ person

What You Will Do:

Arriving at Fire Om Earth you will be give a tour of our working studio where you can see the variety of items that we make. We will cover our options offered as well as how your piece will be finished once glazed. If you have a connection to Nature, we will take a hike on one of the many short trails, on the 15 acre Botanical Sanctuary, where you can collect items in nature to texture your piece with.

No experience is needed to accomplish a treasured work in clay. Great for team building and groups.

The studio is uniquely situated in an old root cellar which was dug out into the natural rock, so although the space has a cave like feel it also has a walk out with lots of windows. You are connected to the natural surroundings of the Ozark Mountains while you create in our studio.
You may decide to hand craft a bowl, platter, mug or sculpture, you will also be able to choose to make a clay Whistle Flute or Ocarina.
Most classes run a period of 3 hours. A perfect amount of time for you to make your piece and get lost in the creative world.


Other things to note
Wear comfortable clothing, aprons are provided and clay is not a concern for your safety of your clothing, ie, will not stain etc. Short nails are preferred but not essential, jewelry should be removed before working in clay.

Clay and Tools will be provided for you

Contact Lorna for available dates and times

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