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Women Be Wise 2018

Women Be Wise 2018

After a two year hiatus Women be Wise is back. This event brings Women together to learn, grow, stretch boundaries and explore new ways.

Friday March 30th – Moon Lodge 6pm – 9pm – Not a Sweat Lodge (this is a circle created indoors)
Sat March 31st 9.30am – 6pm

Opening & Closing Ceremony, Moon Lodge, Fox Walk, Guided Imagery Meditation, Journey Flags, Tune into your own Music….

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Pottery at Jewel Box Gallery

Pottery at Jewel Box Gallery

Lorna is pleased to be represented by The Jewel Box, 40 Spring Street,in Eureka Springs, where you will find her clay...

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Boot Making Classes 2018

Boot Making Classes 2018

Build your own custom designed and fitted shoes or boots – instruction by Lorna Trigg in a small group setting at Fire Om Earth Studio. Boot making/Shoe making...

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Workshops at Fire Om Earth

here are a sampling of workshops offered by Lorna Trigg during the year

Fundamentals of Clay

Fundamentals of ClayRead more

Handbuilding in Clay - Class/Studio Time

  • Fundamentals to create functional & sculptural works.... More Info
Build your Own Medicine Drum

Build your Own Medicine DrumRead more

Drum Building Class

Boot Making Workshop

Boot Making WorkshopRead more

Boot Making Class with Lorna Trigg