Women Be Wise 2018

After a two year hiatus Women be Wise is back. This event brings Women together to learn, grow, stretch boundaries and explore new ways.

Friday March 30th – Moon Lodge 6pm – 9pm – Not a Sweat Lodge (this is a circle created indoors)
Sat March 31st 9.30am – 6pm

Opening CeremonyFacilitator Lorna Trigg – At age 65 Lorna is still dancing, and leading Women to discover the joy of connecting to the Rhythm of the Body. A deep connection and influence from the indigenous people of Southern Africa, her ancestral home, she brings to participants the very feel of Mother Earth and grounding through Rhythm and Chant.

Movement to Free the Soul – finding all the places in you that are asleep.
Chant your desires – Creating chant to bringg into being what you desire.

Closing Feast – Lorna Trigg – Three Sisters Stew, Lodge Pot Cooking, Over the Fire, a hands on experience. Sisters will share this closing meal, and honor the three sustainer’s – Beans, Corn and Squash.

Saturday events:

Facilitator – Brita Rekve – Approaching her 7th decade at lightening speed Brita continues to try and figure it all out. As an apostle of Bob Dylan she took his “you’re gonna have to serve somebody” seriously and spent much of her life as a clinical social worker ending her career in hospice. No irony there. Brita follows a shamanic path, creates art and teaches process painting to anyone who wants to play. She is irreverent and adores her family.

Fox Walk: Brita will introduce participants to the Fox Walk, a way of becoming part of the natural environment that empowers the walker to “see” and experience the natural world. Fox medicine speaks to coming and going with out being noticed, to shapeshifting, camouflage, invisibility. We can learn much from blending into our surroundings.

Guided Imagery Meditation to your wise self: A mini journey to your wise self facilitated by Brita. Use this time to meet your wise counsel if you haven’t already or to ask any question you are working on.

Facilitator – Maureen Dailey – After six+ decades of living in this incarnation, the reflections of my life’s journey and the joyful embrace of those to come are the center of my being. Working with all spiritual traditions I have come to the place of divine awareness within everything. It is in this spirit I have come to yet another “Women be Wise”

Journey Flags: Through symbols and colors we will create our journey flags to be hung in our homes as a reflection of our lives..who we are, where we have been, and what awaits us. For it is in the passages of our experience we find the joy, the courage, the centering and the connection to all.

Facilitator – Jillian Guthrie – is a down-to-earth Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the field 30 years. At 34, in an actual struggle to survive: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritual, she struggled with shame and self-doubt due to stigma of needing outside assistance to restore her own health but reached for help and turned inward for answers. Healthier, stronger than ever and energized to shed light on crippling factors for countless others, she has been sharing her experience, research, and insight with humor and candor since 2007, through Healers in Balance and since 2010 runs a successful Private Practice in Eureka Springs, AR – Simplicity Counseling.

“Tune into your own Music”: As the Closing presenter of such rich offerings, Jillian will convey through engaging enjoyable activity, how to take the lessons of the day, keep them handy and apply them in your daily and long life. This day will teach you how to tune into yourSelf; let’s make that your default station.

Cost is $55 for the full event, Moon lodge only is $10.

(or Moon Lodge Friday evening only – Click this button)

Registration closes Monday March 26th


Registration is required to attend. If you would like to only attend the Moon Lodge, registration is available for the evening only (see link above to register).

No refunds, if you register and are unable to attend please consider gifting your place, I always have a few scholarships available for those that cannot afford to be here.
Rain or shine event – in case of sever weather the event will be rescheduled.
Looking to be sponsored – please e-mail Lorna to apply.
The full event is both Friday evening and Saturday.
Bring lunch foods to share for our grazing table,
Bring what you would like to drink.
Bring a drum or rattle for closing Feast ( if you don’t have any, Lorna has some to share)
Bring your own plate, cup, bowl, utensils (we do not do throw away) carry in carry out.

Need Lodging/Accommodations for this retreat? We have limited availability here at Fire Om Earth (camping, dorm, guest room) Click Here for retreat accommodation details.