Holiday Classes (Oct – Dec)

Affordable gifts to make for the holidays.
Treat yourself. Give yourself the gift of creative play.
Treat a friend. Give a gift that you have created.

Lorna has chosen 5 of her favorite things to make and gift for the holidays. Depending on what you choose to make most classes are in 3 session increments, divided up over a few weeks, a three hour class per session. Clay needs a week or so so be bone dry before it can be fired, so classes are structured to allow for the time required.

Experience? You do not need to have any experience in working with the materials for each session. You will be guided through each process and are guaranteed success.

All classes are small so be sure to register NOW to save your space!!!!!

Students are required to attend all class dates listed per class to complete their project. Should you miss a class::::Makeup classes can be scheduled with a additional private fee of $25 per class per 3 hour session

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Soap Dish & Goats Milk Soap – $85

5.30pm – 8.30pm Wednesdays 3 sessions to complete projects. 4 to six pieces of each
Oct 4th
Oct 18th
Oct 25th

The soap dish will use a slab hump or drape mold technique in clay, using impressions from crochet work as well as from nature. Terra Cotta Clay will allow for wonderful color design work for decoration.

For your last class you will learn to make your own Goat Milk Soap. The soap recipe is for a great Goat Milk Soap, creamy, nourishing to the skin and overall luxurious treat.

Your fee is for class time and instruction, including materials.

Lovely Lotion & Jar – $85

5.30pm – 8.30pm Tuesdays 3 sessions to complete projects. Two lidded 2oz jars with lotion.
Oct 3rd
Oct 17th
Oct 24th

For the lotion jar we will use a high fire white clay, pinch pot method . The lid has a jig saw puzzle type lid, that is a secure fitting.

For the Lovely Lotion : your last class is a Lotion Making Class. This lotion has a number of ingredients, all natural, that nourish your skin, wonderful Almond Oil, Shea, Coconut oil, Cacao Wafers, Rose Hydrosol, Aloe Vera and essential oils for the scent. We will discuss the ingredients and their properties. You will work with creating your own blend of essential oils for your specific cream.

Cost of class includes instruction and materials.

Challis & Mineral Sea Salt – $85

5.30pm – 8.30pm Sundays 3 sessions to complete projects. 1-2 pieces depending on level of experience.
Oct 22nd
Nov 19th
Dec 3rd

For the Challis a combined technique of Pinch Pot, Coil and Slab, using high fire clay. Choose from two styles or make both. If you have worked with clay before you will most likely be able to make both styles.

For your last Class: Make a relaxing Mineral Sea Bath Salt infused with essentials oils of your choice to add to your give away. We will discuss the benefits of healing soaking baths> Aromatherapy oil choices will be explored, your Give Away Salt will have your personal touch to suit who you choose to gift.

Your fee is for class time and instruction, including materials,
glazes and firings.

Pie Bird & Pie Dish – $95

10am – 1pm Wednesdays 1 pie bird and one pie dish
Oct 11th
Oct 18th
Nov 22nd
Nov 29th

A pie bird, pie vent, pie whistle, pie funnel, or pie chimney is a hollow ceramic device, originating in Europe, shaped like a funnel, chimney, or upstretched bird with open beak used for supporting or venting a pie.

Learn to use a press mold technique to form the basic shape of your bird, this technique allows you to further form your bird with your own personalized details, along with a pinch method for the base, clay is a high fired buff clay body.

For the pie dish we will use a hump or drape mold method, the clay is a high fired buff clay body. Both pieces can be glazed either in a decorated painted style with colorants that are designed for clay work, or they can be glazed with overlays of high fire colors.

Your fee is for class time and instruction, including materials, glazes and firings.

Medicine Bag – $89

10am – 1pm Sundays or 5.30pm – 8.30pm 1 to 2 bags
Dec 5th
Dec 12th
Dec 19th

A medicine bag is worn around the neck and holds items, charms or herbs that are special or sacred to the wearer.

The style and shape you create is of your choosing, this bag or pouch will use a number of basic techniques used in leather work hand construction.

Your fee is for class time and instruction, including materials.