Transformation with the Power of Ganesh

Aligning with the Auspicious day of Sankashti Shri Ganesh Chaturthi, September 28th, Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, a great deity in the Indian Culture.

“Transformation with the Power of Ganesh” is a workshop is designed to give you the tools to create meaningful transformation in your life. Come and learn to sharpen your internal focus, recognize your place in the circle, build intention. Be part of a fire ceremony.

Thursday, September 27th (6pm – 9pm)
– Opening circle and intention setting
Friday, September 28th (10am till dark)

Facilitators: Brita Rekve – Lorna Trigg – Maureen Dailey


  • Finding your inner dance
  • Creating a tailsman for fire ceremony
  • blessing the altar
  • earth shrines
  • understanding transmutation
  • raising awareness in community to transform negative energy into healing energy
  • drumming for balance and heart chakra opening

Cost: $65 Rain or Shine event
includes snacks and Saturday lunch meal

Camping option available: $15 per night
~ Registration closes Sunday 23rd ~

Facilitator Lorna Trigg – At age 65 Lorna is still dancing, and leading Women to discover the joy of connecting to the Rhythm of the Body using dance and drumming. A deep connection and influence from the indigenous people of Southern Africa, her ancestral home, she brings to participants the very feel of Mother Earth and grounding through these modalities.

Movement to Free the Soul – finding all the places in you that are asleep.
Chant your desires – Creating chant to bring into being what you desire.

Drumming – feeling your internal rhythm’s and expressing with the use of the drum is the indigenous way of non verbal communication, exploration and expression.

Facilitator – Brita Rekve

Approaching her 7th decade at lightening speed Brita continues to try and figure it all out. As an apostle of Bob Dylan she took his “you’re gonna have to serve somebody” seriously and spent much of her life as a clinical social worker ending her career in hospice. No irony there. Brita follows a shamanic path, creates art and teaches process painting to anyone who wants to play. She is irreverent and adores her family.

Facilitator – Maureen Dailey

After six+ decades of living in this incarnation, the reflections of my life’s journey and the joyful embrace of those to come are the center of my being. Working with all spiritual traditions I have come to the place of divine awareness within everything. It is in this spirit I have come to yet another Workshop / Retreat at Fire Om Earth to help you create an Altar.