Sunday Soiree’s Herbal & Healthy Alternatives

Sundays 2:00 – 4:00 pm – Each Sunday Soiree will have an educational theme, some will be purely demos, some will be participatory, your choice. You can choose to participate in making a salve, soap, or herbal product or if you don’t want to participate, choose to watch and take notes.

We will gather with other herbalists, medicine makers, healthy foodies, body workers, anyone we can dream up to share info with us for a better, healthier, wiser YOU.

Please note: if you plan on coming to a class and want to make the cream/ lotion/ soap etc you will need to register by emailing me, so that I have supplies and can let you know what to expect. If you are only planning on coming to the demo, I don’t need to know, but plan on bringing a note book for notes etc. 

Sun March 10th  –  Rhythm for Life, a fun exploration creating rhythms with various instruments, our bodies and voices.  Facilitator Lorna Trigg. 

Connecting to the Heart Beat, our natural rhythm is a primal instinctual activity; our everyday movement carries a vibration of its own, which can be enhanced when explored through basic recognition activities.  Come and join in on the ride – bring a instrument if you have one to use.  Cost $10

Sun March 17th – Edible Flowers  Facilitator: Amrit Knaus, Certified Arkansas Naturalist and Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, Cost $15

Are flowers edible?  If so, which ones are safe to garnish salads and soups and add as decorations to dishes we serve ? We will also discuss the spiritual and metaphysical meanings of flowers and then, take time for a short self-refection on the “signature” of your favorite edible flower. A flower ritual to welcome the  coming of Spring will end our gathering. Everyone will receive a handout on edible flowers.

Sun March 24th – Ayurveda: The 5 Elements and the 3 Doshas  Facilitator: Chef Dava Parr.  $15

Join Chef Dava for a 2 hour class with discussion and loads of new info to ponder.  There will also be a cooking demo on how to make a tri-doshic Kitchari and of course we will eat it too. 

Sun March 31st –  Natural Bug Repellents – with Lorna
Bringing out the big guns against bugs, bites and itches.
$10 to observe only or  $15 to go home with a 2oz repellent and recipe. Lets talk plant power, mix, blend and make super protective bug repellents, itch healing potions and remedies.