Herbs & Botanical Weekend 2017

4 Day Event: Thursday April 20 – Sunday April 23
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OPENING EVENT: Thurs April 20th – 9am – Noon

Seed Swap….A Free EventSeed Swap at Brews

Location: Brews
#2 Pine St (at Spring St across from Post Office)

Join us for this free event, meet other growers, talk plants. Bring seeds to swap, suggested Open Pollinated, Native, Produce, Rhyzomes, Wildflowers. What to do: Bag and label, mark with area collected or grown and any other info you would like to share.





Location for all walks and classes: Fire Om Earth

Workshop Schedule

  • THURS April 20th (2pm – 4pm) – ‘Flowers as Vibrational Medicine for Our Lives’ with Carolyn Amrit Knaus $25
  • FRI April 21st (9am – Noon) – ‘Into the Woods’ with Larry Lowman – $35
  • FRI April 21st (1pm – 4pm) –  ‘Removal of Invasives’ with Christopher Fischer $35
  • SAT April 22nd (10am- 4pm) – ‘The Embrace of Ozarks Herbs’ with Steven Foster – $65
  • SUN April 23rd (10am – 1pm) – ‘Restoring Ecosystems with Native Plants’ with Glenda Moore – $35
  • SUN April 23rd (2pm – 5pm) – ‘Botanical Watercolor Workshop’ with Hilka Zimmerman – $40 (includes instruction and materials)


Full Event (all six workshops):  $205

Rain or Shine – No cancellations
Bring a bag lunch.

Package rate (full 6 events weekend rate): $205

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amrit2016Date: Thurs April 20th
Flowers as Vibrational Medicine for Our Lives

with Carolyn Amrit Knaus, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner

2pm – 4pm

Thurs April 20th 2pm – 4pm FEE: $20

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

Join us to  explore the mystical and spiritual symbolism of flowers, along with their psychological and spiritual use as vibrational medicine. We will discuss examples of edible flowers, as well as walk the land, to receive in meditation, the gifts that particular flowers have to offer us for our wholeness and soul evolution.

Please bring: a cushion to sit on, a journal and pen, and a camera/phone to take pictures.

Carolyn Amrit Knaus, M. S., is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and has worked in the Alternative / Complementary Healing Arts for over 40 years in LA., AR., and MT. She has been a Wellness Practitioner and Coach, as well as a Trainer and Developer of a Peer Counselor Network, giving hundreds of workshops and thousands of individual sessions in various fields of Wellness and personal growth. She was developer and Director of the Wellness Center of Eureka Springs Hospital in the early ‘90’s.

Amrit holds a Masters in Group Behavior, is a Certified Communication Effectiveness Trainer and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister. She has a heartfelt desire to integrate her love of nature and the wilderness with Universal Spirituality and Personal Growth Modalities.

larry-loman-smFriday, April 21st

Into the Woods

with Larry Lowman

9 am – Noon

$30 for April 21st 10am-1pm (bring a ‘bag’ lunch if you are staying for the afternoon session!)

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

Larry’s hike will be a casual stroll thru the relatively natural environs on the Fire Om Earth Ozarks property, making an effort to identify as many plant species as possible, concentrating on woodies, and sharing any interesting details about each individual plant regarding utilitarian, edible, or medicinal aspects, and making occasional comments on any known special relationships between a plant and the plant community/ecosystem, insects, or animals.

Larry’s keen interest and enthusiasm for all aspects of botany: plants, gardening, horticulture and landscaping, propagation, as well as ethno-botany, woodworking, and herbal lore will become obvious.

Larry Lowman was born and has lived his entire life in Arkansas… he grew up in a small town in central AR, and graduated with a B.A. degree in Art & Education from Hendrix College in central AR. From young childhood he was attracted to plants and gardening, and as he grew up, felt he must remain in contact with nature, and seek to live in harmony with nature . . . and as he aged, felt an obligation to encourage others to do so. He worked two years with a special independent summer study while in college, doing graduate level botanical research. After graduation, he chose a job outside his major field — but within his passion — working for over a decade as a Park Naturalist in an Arkansas state park . . . feeling the work of environmental education was as “cosmically important” as any career could be. The job was a satisfying mix of environmental ed work with students, botanical research, trail design and construction, and even creative arts with writing, photography, and multi-media.

After growing weary of bureaucratic hassles, he retired from state employ and settled into running his own rare plant nursery and landscaping design business for 25 years, RIDGECREST NURSERY & GARDENS. He became noted in the region as an expert on propagating and landscaping with native plants, and as a source for many difficult to find species. He introduced several named plant cultivars to the international field of horticulture derived from Arkansas native plants, and continued to be quite active in educational efforts. He relinquished the nursery operation in 2008, and relocated to a splendidly beautiful remote rural site in Carroll County, where he has relished establishing a homestead from scratch, setting up his own sawmill, transforming a 60 year old dairy barn into a residence, and developing a one acre organic garden.

Look for him occasionally offering his wares at the Eureka Springs Farmer’s Market. He continues to do occasional lectures on botany and horticulture, leads green tours/nature hikes for students and groups to explore the unique plants, geology, and natural beauty of this Ozarks neighborhood, does a little woodworking . . . and plays in his creek.

Christopher FischerDate: Fri April 21st

Removal of Invasives

with Christopher Fischer

1pm – 4pm

Friday April 21st 1pm – 4pm FEE: $30

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

Chris will present a hands on workshop focusing on techniques and approaches for removing the exotic invasive Vinca minor, L. known as common periwinkle, an escaped cultivar infesting natural areas in the southeastern United States since it’s arrival in the 1700’s.

We’ll be getting down and dirty, so bring gloves, wear sturdy pants and gloves to tap into your inner non-native warrior mode.

Chris Fischer has been involved with plants since his childhood in the gardens of his family in New Orleans. He has worked extensively with plant materials and building gardens professionally for over 40 years, since becoming a landscape contractor in 1984. As an International Society of Arborculture Certified Arborist, Chris coordinated several grants with the Arkansas Forestry Commission for the City of Eureka Springs. He’s currently helping with several volunteers to develop the Native Garden, a project of the Downtown Network as a vital urban habitat and native plantings demonstration site.

Date: Sat April 22nd

The Embrace of Ozark Herb

with Steven Foster

10am – 4pm

Sat April 22nd 10am – 4pm FEE: $60

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

Look around you. Do you see any herbs? All of the plants that you see are in fact “herbs,” each with their own personalities and stories to tell. Let’s explore them together for a day, drawing upon my 43 years of experience, where everyday is like being a kid in a candy store, as there is always something new to learn. In Carroll County alone there are as many species of flowering plants as there are bird species in North America (over 900!). Strive to learn a half-dozen plants well, and a foundation will be laid for what could become a lifelong passion. Typically what grows close to our dwellings are plants that we have encouraged by cultivation, or immigrant herbs from Europe like dandelion, chickweed, plantain, or Asian immigrants like the useful Japanese honeysuckle and mimosa tree. Call them what you will, I call them herbs. At the yard’s edge, native plants still hold sway.

Join Steven as we take a day’s journey visiting herbs in the Ozarks. Rain or shine.

Peterson Field Guide 3rd editionHerbalist, Steven Foster, is the author and photographer of 18 books; most recently the 2014 third edition of a Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs (with James A. Duke; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), plus National Geographic’s Complete Guide to Medicinal Herbs (2010), and A Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine (2006, with Rebecca Johnson), awarded a 2007 New York Public Library “Best of Reference.” But forget the books, as a certified herb nerd, Steven will share what’s in his herbal head and heart for one day only. For a sense his work: www.stevenfoster.com.

Date: Sun April 23rd

Restoring Ecosystems
with Native Plants

with Glenda Moore

10am – 1pm

Sun April 23rd 10am – 1pm FEE: $30

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

After spending some time looking at Spring ephemeral wildflowers (either in Nature or in photographic images) we will have a conversation about habitat reconstruction – creating and restoring an ecosystem that supports birds and butterflies in harmonious relationship with four layer of plant life – ground covers, small plants and shrubs, understory trees and large trees. We will primarily focus on forest habitat but will also speak about butterfly and rain gardens which will incorporate sun plants.

This conversation will also look at invasive species and how they inhibit or destroy the ecosystem we are working to support, including ways of removing certain species of invasive plant. There are many exotic plants that are able to fit harmoniously into an ecosystem but there are a few who are not good neighbors in the plant community and it is these which we will discuss. Handouts will include a source list of information about habitat restoration and source material for native plants and trees as well as wildflower seed.

Glenda Moore is a lifelong student of Nature who is now residing on her third woodland acreage in the Ozark Mountains near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She has a background in horticulture and has taken many of the Native Plant School classes at Shaw Nature Reserve near St. Louis, Missouri. This conversation will be based on her own experiences in removing invasive species and reading the landscape to determine which native species to plant in restoring the land to harmony.

Glenda is also a Waldorf teacher with thirty years experience working with children to help them develop a relationship to their environment through gardening, music and story.

Date: Sun April 23rd

Botanical Watercolor Workshop

with Hilka Zimmerman

2pm – 5pm

Sun April 23rd 12pm – 5pm FEE: $40 (instruction and materials)

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Package rate (all 6 workshops): (whole weekend) $205

Have you admired botanical art but questioned whether you could do it?

If so, this is just the class for you. This 3 hour– hands–on workshop introduces traditional botanical art skills; such as plant observation, drawing, color mixing, and watercolor painting using leaves, flowers, and fruit as models. No previous art experience is needed. Just bring your passion for the beautiful botanicals that surround us and you’ll have a one of a kind watercolor to take with you and display in your home. All art supplies will be provided.

Artist, Hilka Zimmerman, a Minnesota native, has a style that can best be described as eclectic. She works in various mediums – oils, acrylics, watercolors – all reflective of her process and mood. Painting from feeling instead of expectation, she is willing to try just about anything in pursuit of her “mind’s eye”.

Hilka’s work has been displayed at various venues, shows, homes, shops and of course on the walls of her parent’s home. When Hilka’s not painting, chances are that you’ll find her flea marketing. She enjoys refurbishing furniture, finding lost treasures and locating quirky, decorative items for her home. Hilka has three children, all of which have left the “nest”. She currently resides in Eureka Springs, Arkansas . To see more of Hilka’s work, visit her website at www.shutterandeasel.com, her Facebook page www.facebook.com/shutterandeasel and at The Bird Cage Art Gallery in downtown Eureka Springs.

Looking for lodging accommodations for this event?

Camping is available on the grounds at Fire Om Earth, around the pond. Composting toilet, fire pit, outdoor shower. Email Lorna for details or to reserve your space.

We can also recommend Riverside Resort – located just a few miles east of Fire Om Earth, on US 62 just before the Kings River. Good rates too… 2 night minimum for this event.

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