Artist Lorna Trigg

About Lorna Trigg – Creative Facilitator & African Art/Artifact Educator – focusing on the use of rhythm instruments and dance of indigenous people.

lorna-ren-faireLorna is an enthusiastic consultant and motivational facilitator specializing in developing an awareness of indigenous culture, the function of ancient belief systems, and the connection with today’s communities and societies.

Her professional artistic and teaching career developed at an early age, while growing up in southern Africa, among Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana and Swazi tribal people.

Lorna’s life experiences and energy are reflected in her multi media creations which include a multitude of collective talents in jewelry design, sculptural and functional clay forms, and ritual drums and rattles. Her work is included in private collections in the United States, Canada, Africa, Japan, Russia, and Europe.

Colleges, Galleries, Care-giving facilities, Women’s Associations and Boards of Education have invited Lorna to present workshops, seminars and lectures for educators and staff, students, people with special needs, and the public.

Lorna delights in sharing her knowledge and experience with others.