Our Studio & Showroom

Offering hand crafted musical instruments – drums and flutes are made in our working studio
in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, using only the finest quality materials
chosen to produce the finest sound.

The Studio at Fire Om Earth is a collaborative creativity studio of Lorna and Craig Trigg Hirsch, emphasizing the hand crafting of musical instruments represented in the Renaissance period, and the influence of world travel by troubadours, merchants and crafts people.

We invite you to contact us about tours of our working studio in Eureka Springs where you will find us hand crafting musical instruments – throwing drums, hand building frame drums, making bamboo flutes and clay ocarinas. And visit our ONLINE SHOP.

We are open by appointment – call 479-244-6273 or if you drive by 872 Mill Hollow Road and see the OPEN sign, please stop in.

872 Mill Hollow Road
Eureka Springs, AR