Timbrel / Riq Drums

Timbrel come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium or Large. Riq style drums and Shaman drum are 16″ – Visit online shop for more details on the timbrel, riq and shaman style frame drums. Pictured below are examples of our stock – Please contact us for availability of sizes and design options.

timbrelsThe timbrel is a frame drum with double rows of metal jingles set into a hardwood frame covered on one side with sheep skin head. Available in 8″, 10″, or 12″ ($26-$46). Hand-painted designs vary – please contact us and we can send photos of those available.

Sufi Riq style frame drumBased on the Sufi Riqu, this drum has a rich dark voice with 2 sets of playing zills and 3 sets of resonating zills. A great drum for using in chant or for playing for bellydancers.

This is a 16″ Maple frame riqu with 5 sets of hand beaten zills in copper and brass. Design option shown is a leaf/vine in black with copper and gold. These may not be in stock and may need to be custom ordered.

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