Ocean Meditation Drum

The 10″ meditation drum containing pellets that create the sound of the ocean when gently manipulated in circular motion, aids in entraining the mind, helping create a focus, giving a calming hypnotic effect. Also played in the frame drum style with fingers drumming on the head and the pellets resonating in vibration or with a beater as a medicine drum, or trance drum.

Hear Lorna play a 12″ Ocean Drum:

A double sided, 10″ hoop drum with laced goat skin head, contains pellets that create the ocean sound when gently manipulated in circular motion or played in frame drum style.

Comes with a beater. Tree of life painting on one side. Colors will vary. Visit online shop for more details or contact us for availability.

Ocean Meditation Drum  ocean-drum2018
Ocean Meditation Drum
10" drum with Tree of Life design - comes with beater