Medicine Drum

The frame drum was popular throughout the middle ages in all parts of Europe. The earliest record of the frame drum was during the Goddess period and was Pre-Christian. Paintings on the walls of Egyptian birthing temples show priestesses playing frame drums. it is believed the hypnotic rhythm of the drum entrains the breath and heart beat, enticing the listener or drummer into a trance state.

Click to hear Lorna play a large 12-sided medicine drum with goat skin head:

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The tribal trance drum (or medicine drum) has a hand hold on the back and is played by striking with a mallet (included). The head is a natural goat skin giving it a low resonant sound. Although the 18 1/2″ 12-sided is large, it has a good weight as the frame is constructed of pine.

Available as an 8-sided or 12-sided (plain or painted) – Visit online Shop to place order.

Click any image below to view slideshow of more hand-crafted medicine drums created at Fire Om Earth Studio.