Frame Drums

The frame drums and boudhrans pictured below are representative of the hand crafted drums made by Lorna Trigg. Visit Online Shopping to see order options including frame drums/boudhrans or timbrel, riq or shaman style frame drums or Medicine Drums. Our stock varies so please Contact Lorna for available drums.

frame-drum-goat-skinThe frame drum was popular throughout the middle ages in all parts of Europe. The earliest record of the frame drum was during the Goddess period and was Pre-Christian. Paintings on the walls of Egyptian birthing temples show priestesses playing frame drums. it is believed the hypnotic rhythm of the drum entrains the breath and heart beat, enticing the listener or drummer into a trance state.

frame-drum--boudhran-designMade of Siberian birch, the 3 1/2″ wide frame is stretched with goat skin. The half moon cut out in the frame allows the holding hand to reach the head with the middle finger for the KA strike.

A mounted cross bar in the back makes a marriage of the frame drum and boudhran, creating a drum that can be played both with the hand or in traditional celtic style. This Boudhran style comes with a tipper, plain head or optional celtic designs.

Frame drum sizes are 14″, 16″ or 18″.

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