Bamboo Flutes

The bamboo flutes crafted by Craig Hirsch include transverse flutes (11″-24″, random pitch or tuned), Native American style flute, and Shakuhachi meditation-style flute.

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Listen to Craig playing flutes

Bamboo flute (small size) ‘D’:

Bamboo flute (middle size) ”G’:

Native American style bamboo flute:

Shakuhachi flute:

Pictured below are some of the flutes offered…for questions or custom orders please Email Us.

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Bamboo Flute - Native American
Bamboo Flute - Native American Style
Two chamber flute, plays in a traditional 5 hole Native American tuning. Choice of 3 sizes: Small 14 - 15 inch, Medium 17 - 18 inch, and Large 19-20 inch.
Size :
Bamboo Flute - Shakuhachi
Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute (Plain)
End blown Japanese meditation style flute in a major pentatonic scale.

Made of high quality cured bamboo.

Bamboo Flute - Random Pitch
Bamboo Flute - Random Pitch
Six holed sequential diatonic scale. Chromatics possible. Made of high quality cured bamboo. Accurate tuning. These flutes are tuned to themselves. Steps are correct, songs are playable. Comes with finger chart and basic instructions for playing and care.
Choice of Plain or Painted (Mythical, Flowers, Birds) and 3 sizes: Small - 11-15 inch, high pitched Medium - 15-18 inch, in most vocal ranges Large - 19-24 inch, requires large finger spread.
Size :
Design :
Bamboo Flute - Specific Pitch
Bamboo Flute, Specific Pitch
In key Bamboo Flutes. Size approx. 11 to 24 inch. These flutes are tuned to play in specific keys. We build them from the key of high D above high C to the key of middle C. All sizes are approximate.
Select Tunings:
High D above High C - 11 inch, ideal for Irish music
C#D flat - 11 1/2 inch, unusual key, bluesy overtones
C - 12 inch, most familiar to band students. Piccolo
B - 13 inch, fun key, hard to finger in modern flute
A#B flat - 14 inch, fife key, lots of American folk music, marches played in this key
A - 15 inch, fife key, matches well with fiddle
G#A flat - 16 inch, unusual key, good choice for something different
G - 17 inch, ideal sitting around campfire, good all around flute key
F#G flat - 18 inch, unusual key, dark and haunting
F - 19 in, classical voice
E - 20 inch, starts same place as guitar, lower voice, larger finger stretch
D#E flat - 21 inch, instant blues
D - 22 inch, above middle C, popular large flute, low voice
C#D flat - 23 inch, large deep dark voice, good meditation flute both in playing and in listening
Middle C - 24inch, largest, requires large finger stretch.

Plain or Choice of 3 designs: Mythical Beasts, Flowers, Birds.

Tuning :
Design :
Bamboo Flute Songbook
Song Book in tableture, easy to follow, collection of simple songs for the bamboo flute.

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Bamboo Flute Cloth Carry Bag
Cloth Carry Bag for Bamboo Flute
Cloth Carry Bag to protect the beautiful hard wax finish of your flute.

NOTE: No shipping charge on this item if purchased with a flute.