Serpent Goddess of Cucuteni

Serpent Goddess of Cucuteni

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Goddess of Cucuteni (Romania 5,000 BCE)
Size: 3″ – 4″
Price: $16 – comes with information card

These goddess sculptures are reproductions of original pieces excavated in various parts of the world.

The clay pieces are sagger fired, rendering the clay vitrified (in a fired state) but leaving it porous, thus making it perfect for annointing with your favorite essential oil. The clay will hold the oil and slowly diffuse the scent over a period of time.

About this Goddess:

The Serpent Goddess Cucuteni expresses regeneration, transformation and mystic knowledge – just as the snake sheds its skin and is seemingly reborn of itself.

The refined carving adorning her body suggests the fluidity of running water. The clean lines and sensual forms echo the depths of esoteric wisdom.