Eostre, Ostara – Spring Goddess

Ostara Spring Goddess

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Eostre, Ostara – Spring Goddess
Size: 3″ – 4″
Price: $16 – comes with information card

These goddess sculptures are reproductions of original pieces excavated in various parts of the world.

The clay pieces are sagger fired, rendering the clay vitrified (in a fired state) but leaving it porous, thus making it perfect for anointing with your favorite essential oil. The clay will hold the oil and slowly diffuse the scent over a period of time.

About this Goddess:

Eostre, Ostara – Spring Goddess, Festival of Rebirth, Easter. An early Anglo-Saxon name, Eostre, the goddess of spring survives today in Easter Festivals.

She was honored among the Germanic people with painted eggs, a tradition that survives today.