Bird Woman (Arctic Contemporary Goddess)

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Goddess sculpture – Bird Woman (Arctic Contemporary)

Size: 3″ – 4″
Price: $16.00 – comes with information card

These goddess sculptures are reproductions of original pieces excavated in various parts of the world. The clay pieces are sagger fired, rendering the clay vitrified (in a fired state) but leaving it porous, thus making it perfect for annointing with your favorite essential oil. The clay will hold the oil and slowly diffuse the scent over a period of time.

About this Goddess:

Bird Woman – The Inuit carving portrays a woman assuming the form of a bird as she moves into trance. In traditional shamanic trance journeying, one files up in the air or dives deep into the earth or sea. In the culture of the Inuit, which means ‘spirit’, shamans play an important role, for they act as healers and help maintain balance in the community.

Throughout the world, shamans have been described as shape-shifters who possess the power to transform themselves. Birds have been associated with women in a sacred context from at least 20,000 b.c.e.