Creativity Classes & Workshops

Creativity Classes & Workshops
at Fire Om Earth Main Lodge / Grounds and Studio with Lorna or Craig

Need to get your creative juices flowing? – Learning the craft

Are you looking to venture on a creative path and need guidance or possibly have explored artistic avenues and need space and time? – wanting a quiet repose in which to create?…we can help.

All classes and Retreats are offered Sept through May. Studio is closed June through August.
Let us design a custom class for you in various modalities – A custom program just for you!

Choose from:

DRUM MAKING – Learning the craft

Doumbek hand crafted in clayCLAY DOUMBEK – Build your own clay Doumbek: techniques in hand building this drum will include, body shape for sound, size of drum, fitting the drum to your hand and drum style, choosing the skin for your personal harmonic ear, i.e.: West African Goat for base drums, Middle Eastern Goat for a mid range sound with good base and mid tone notes, Egyptian Fish Skin, for that traditional Belly Dance Sound. Instruction is what types of glaze and its application (I work in a high fired clay for the best sound quality) Tips and tricks on how to attach a skin head, as well as instruction. How to achieve professional looking finishes when trimming the head.

Time required: Total 13 hours.
Day One Building the body – Full Studio day 10am – 4pm
3 Weeks later – Glaze application 2 hours (time of day can be scheduled)
Following week – choosing a natural skin head and attaching it to the drum. 3 hours
Following week – trimming and finishing. 3 hours
Approximately 13 hours of studio time and instruction.
This class is will require a commitment of studio time spanning over a 6 week period.
Cost: $485 this includes studio time, instruction, clay, glazes, firings, drum head, drum strap. It does not include shipping should you require this. Fees are paid 14 days prior to scheduled class.

Frame Drum ConstructionHOOP DRUM – Wood – Learning the craft – Ground up

– 8 or 12 sided, approx 14” or 22” wide – these drums are built in sections, based on a old traditional style from North Dakota, I have found it to be wonderfully resonant, a great meditation drum, ceremonial quality in timbre. In this class you will learn about angle cuts for the frame, construction and finishes on your frame, type of hide, how to cut and lace for the head, tuning and making your drum mallet.

Time required: Total 12 hours
Day one – making your frame – 3 – 4 hours
Two days later – finishing the frame and preparing the hide – 4 hours
Two days later – attaching the hide and making the mallet. – 4 – 5 hours
Approximately 12 hours of studio time and instruction
Commitment is a time spanning over 5 days. Can be broken up over a week or two.
Cost $450 this includes, studio time, instruction, all materials.
Fees are paid 14 days prior to scheduled class.

medicine-drumsHOOP DRUM – Wood – Partially constructed, Frame ready

– Heading a hoop that has already been constructed for you.

8 or 12 sided, approx 14” or 22” wide, these drums are built in sections, based on a old traditional style from North Dakota, I have found it to be wonderfully resonant, a great meditation drum, ceremonial quality in timbre.

In this class you will learn how to treat your wood frame to prepare it for attaching the head, what type of hide to use, how to cut and lace for the head, tuning and making your drum mallet.

Time required: Total 10 hours. Two full days – 10am to 4pm – days do not have to run concurrently.

Cost $450 this includes your constructed frame, studio time, instruction, all materials


frame drum16” or 18” Frame Drum, this drum has a circular maple frame which is pre-constructed. Create a finish on your Maple frame. You will learn what skins to choose for the best quality in sound for this very specific drum, Frame drum is know for its haunting quality. How to attach a skin and trim and finish.

Time required: 10 hours. Two full days 10am – 4pm

Cost $450
Fees paid 14 days prior to scheduled class


polymer-jewelryjewelry-making-classesWire bending technique, design and construction of strung beads, seed bead peyote stitch and Southern African technique (useful for creating a smudge fan or covering a sacred object), or Huichol style beading for earrings. Includes working with polymer clay.

Class time and cost determined by the type of style, and materials you choose.
Always count on at least 3 – 4 hours studio time. Normal rate for this can range from $160 per session, includes materials.

stained glass classSTAINED GLASS

Basics in stain glass, design, pattern draft, choosing glass, cutting glass, copper foiling and soldering.

A small project can take two days – think sun catcher.

Cost: $220 includes materials


Basic mosaic techniques, using tile, glass and found objects. Students will complete a small project of their choosing.

Time required: Two days 3 hours each day.
Day 1. design, layout and attachment
Day 2 . Grout and finishes

Cost: $200 includes instruction and all materials.

craig-holes-flutesFLUTE MAKING

work with a Master Flute builder to make your own Open Hole Bamboo Transverse flute – choosing your bamboo, placing finger and mouth holes, tuning, finishes.

This flute plays all the songs you can ever dream of. Tuned in a Diatonic scale.

Time Required – 6 hours ( can be divided into two days – 3 hours each day)

$220 includes materials.

handcrafted clay ocarina / whistle fluteOCARINA or WHISTLE FLUTE

The Ocarina is a age old instrument, mostly built out of clay, some in wood. It originated with the Aztec, Mayan and Inca people of Central and South America.

You will use clay to construct your Ocarina. Constructing the whistle flute body in clay, cutting a fipple and finger holes, tuning, finishes.

Time required: 3 hours
Cost: $160 includes instruction, all materials and shipping cost after firing.


works-in-clayExplore all aspects of hand-building from functional to sculptural. Using age old methods of construction, the student can create almost anything imaginable. The indigenous cultures from around the globe made everything from utilitarian wares to sacred objects with hand building techniques. We work with a number of different types of clay, your piece will be matched to the best firing temperature and type of clay as needed.

Time Required: A one-time visitors class – minimum of 3 hours
Cost: $60 per student, includes firing, glazing and shipping if needed.

Monthly class is offered once a week for a four weeks. 3 hours per session

Cost: $85 per month, does not include clay or firings.


boot-making classThe lost art of making a good walking shoe is taught in this class. We begin with design concepts and whboot-classat works for the health of the feet.

You will learn how to draft a pattern for your type of foot. Choice of leather for your design.
All aspects of construction down to your finish with a good Vibrium sole, or built short stack heel.

Boots and Shoes – 25 hours (six days)
can scheduled as a intensive 6 day, or scheduled six weeks, once a week.

Cost: Studio time $350
Cost of Materials : depending on your use, can run up to $150

boot making classSandals – 8 – 12 hours (2 to 3 days)

Cost: Studio time $150
Cost of Materials: depending on you use, can run up to $50

Private classes can be scheduled for visitors to Eureka Springs AR.

yogaclassYoga – Hatha

Hatha Yoga is a gentle slow stretch and warming style,
suitable for all levels.

In house – at our studio – $65 per hour per single or double, inquire for group rate.

Out call – I will come to your lodging or meet at a Spring or Park – $85 per hour single or double

bellydance class with lornaBellydance – focusing on the Fun Factor, this style of dance is a great way to reconnect with the idea of
isolated movement, tapping into using the body as it was intended with muscles, tendons and breath to create
fluid movement.

In house at our studio – private class: $65 per hour, inquire for group rate.

drumming class at Fire Om EarthDrumming – To use the drum as a hand percussion instrument is to transfer the idea of communication in a Non Verbal way.

Hand techniques are taught whereby making the instrument talk or sing with various cadences. Learn the ethics of playing with others, how to listen and respond to others using the voice of the drum.

Drums used, doumbek, Djembe, Frame Drums.

Private sessions: $65 per hour; inquire for group rates

Questions? Please email Lorna or call 479-363-9402.

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